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“How do the mission and the values of an organization evolve?  My father launched SIGNET in 1974 and built an organization that reflected his humble beliefs and personality.  My entire career has been cultivated at SIGNET and my responsibility is to ensure that SIGNET’s mission and core values reflect the legacy of my father’s business philosophy.

SIGNET’s mission is to convert new business relationships into long-term partnerships.  SIGNET will not pursue one-time clients with no prospect of an ongoing relationship.  We partner with clients who value and appreciate high quality relations.  The culture at SIGNET is completely centered around creating and maintaining high quality relationships with clients.

As important as quality client relations, I have learned over many years that there is more to growing a successful organization.  I believe that a corporation has a responsibility to support, educate and care for its employees.  I believe that SIGNET must treat its vendor partners with honesty and respect.  Finally, I believe that SIGNET has an obligation to support the community around us.

As in any successful relationship there must be honest mutual respect.  My major responsibility at SIGNET is to continue the legacy of valuing relationships with our clients, employees, vendor partners, and the community.” 

Bradford S. Caron
President and CEO

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